FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1/ Can we use the system in other areas of production?

We will be happy if you will contact us.

2/ Why we should choose your system?

The system is inovative and very simple pointing only to the problem of scheduling of production.

3/ You mentioned that the system is creating scheduled plans. How many plans are scheduled during the calculation?

For the production of 100 up to 500 different products, distributed to 10 or 100 machines. The system can calculate and pass up to 1 000 0000 compiled plans and select the optimal solution.

4/ What conditions do I take into account when drawing up the plans?

Each production has its own specific particularities and similarities in plastics production system takes into account a number of conditions. It is possible to add others that are not yet in the system.

5/ Orders for the goods we receive regularly. Can your system reflect such fact?

The system is designed for such purpose.


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