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       Do you need decrease expenses of the production? The correct scheduling and planning increase productivity and efectivity. Small and Medium companies are preasured to analyze and plan their own production. The sector of business can be mechanical, electrical, pharmaceutical, wood, glass or other type of businness. Do you like to join this strategy?

       Our new system SMMIC goes further and deals with optimization of the production. System will schedule production better than a trained engineer and increase productivity by tens of percent. Software can dynamically respond on demand and the current production or plans reschedule. The result of the scheduling is created within few minutes and can be used for production. General planning issues address allocation of tasks and resources on machines to minimize the total time of utilization of resources and maximize the total profits of the production. It is often necessary to meet the other restrictions, such as the deadlines, availibility of services or priorities of the products, materials or customers but also other more specific conditions.

The case studies of different systems:


plastic mill - scheduling


The scheduler is able to find plans about 15 - 20 % better than the expert. The concrete business flow was analyzed and the prototype of software was created.


mechanical service - monitore


System for monitoring production. The company found how to save 5 - 10 % based on the results from the software.


Forecasting of cash flow


Based on the finance reports the correct decisions can be made.

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