Identification for monitoring of production

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For automatic identification is possible to choose from different types of identification elements that can be divided by several factors , as shown in Figure 1 The aim of this work is a detailed study of the identification device, but it discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each technology due to deployment to strojírenské production and to take account of their project.

FIG. 1: Division by way of identification

   First and foremost, we need to specify initial conditions , which will be the problem relating. The aim was to monitor the engineering workshops :

a) prefabrication

b ) manufacturing operations

c) individuals with respect to the work process


   IDENTIFICATION using Bio - metry for our problem solved fit . Thanks to its technology, we have focused narrowly on identifying the animal (s). The possible use would be to identify people. In engineering practice is totally unsuitable due to the presence of dust, oils and other contaminants on the fingers of workers. They are optoelectronic, capacitive , thermal, and electroluminescent fingerprint or retina scan and iris. The advantage (for the fingerprints) that this technology has brought in a clean environment is a good affordability . It is also not necessary to create a special portable medium is directly formed of interest. In our case, the person and his body parts.
   Another possibility is the use of certain technologies from a variety touch identification. It could be a magnetic card, smart card or iButton . Again, this solution could be used rather for personal identification . Another disadvantage is the relatively high price of the carrier medium , which is on the order of tens to hundreds of crowns. This solution is more suitable for operations where there is no mechanical damage to the media transmitting information . Suitable applications are various applications in banking , such as credit cards , sim card mobile phones , various walking systems of larger companies or institutions. For engineering manufacturing practice would stand iButton due to its mechanical resistance , but it's hard to imagine solutions conjunction with some of the media panel production or manufacturing operations.
   The last group , which we left on the field identification is a contactless technology represented by barcodes and RFID . Both technologies barcodes and RFID can be applied for the purposes of our project. In general it can be said that the choice of one or the other system will depend on the specific terms of the engineering operation . The main advantage of RFID is that it does not need to be line of sight required for reading and writing RFID tags ( chip). Furthermore, resistance and variability media , mobility , rate of acquisition information to reduce the error rate , etc. For barcode is greater risk of damage to a reading error and the need for line of sight . Nevertheless , this technology still has its advantages, such as low cost media. Barcode Printing suffice ordinary laser or inkjet printer . So the cost of the medium that transmits information are almost zanedbatelné.V our case it was the main reason in deciding which technology to put into operation , because the need for line of sight was not an aspect which in our case mattered . Thus, they were selected barcodes mainly for their affordability. It should be noted however , that in company with a higher volume of orders and price of RFID tags disadvantage compared.

Source: Benáček, M : Possibilities of identification and monitoring of the movement of goods and people
          Ondřej Škrabal : Evidence and analysis of the length of duration of work tasks for mold

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